Long Vacations

Getting away on a nice long trip.

Savannah GA has to be our favorite vacation place of all. We have gone as often as 3 times in a year. It has to be one of the most beautiful towns in the US. We have taken literally thousands pictures there over the last 10 years. We spend time on River Street, in the City Market and of course, we wander the squares for hours on end. Wet Willies sign We have many places that we love to eat, Bernies, Vinnie Van Go-Go's pizza, the Six Pence and Wild Wings are just a few. Of course, Wet Willies is always first or second on the list places to stop. We've been inside churches and have taken tours of houses, restored, unrestored and in between. What I have put on this page are the ones that are my favorites.

Mom in the fountain We have been to Charleston SC several times now. Mom and Rod have been with us a couple of times and seem to like it as well. We've been to Fort Sumter, and got the unexpected pleasure of watching dolphins in the bay on the way back. We like going to the Charleston City Market, the Waterfront Park and the Battery. We wander up and down the streets, taking pictures and peering into people's backyards. Bubba Gumps and Hymans are both 'have to' places to eat by the way. We've seen the Angel Oak Tree and visited Magnolia plantation and Drayton Hall while we were there. These are some of what I think are the best of the pictures.

A BIG frog, me and Mom in Canton city park. In June 2007 Mom, Rod, Deb and I went to Niagara Falls with a stop in Canton for a couple of nights and went to the Warther museum in Dover. We also went to the Farmer's Market in Hartville while we were there, drove around a lot, just looking at things Mom and I hadn't seen in years. We visited with Ann Swain for a while and managed to eat at Heggy's way too much.

After Canton, we went on to Niagara Falls. We walked out into the Niagara River, rode the Inclined Railway, the Skywheel and the Maid of the Mist. Deb and I also went 'Behind the Falls'. We spent the better part of one day at Lockport NY where we road a boat in the Erie Canal. Canadian side of falls. We saw the beautiful Tiffany stained glass windows at the First Presbyterian Church. We also went to the Welland Canal where we watched a huge ship go through two different sets of locks. We made a quick trip one day to see the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum in Tonawanda NY. After looking at the hand carved animals, reading about the history and the workers, we actually got to ride an old fashioned 'Merry go Round'.

Eternal Light Peace Memorial. In 2008 Mom, Deb, Bre and I went to Washington D.C. with a stop in Gettysburg PA. We thought we would be there just a couple of hours, but ended up spending the entire day. That was, without a doubt, one of the most awe-inspiring places I've ever been.

Lincoln Memorial After we left there, we went onto D.C. for several days. While we were in Washington, we went to one of the Smithsonian museums and Zoo as well as the National Cathedral. At Arlington National Cemetery, we watched the 'changing of the guard', as well as a 'laying of the wreath' ceremony. We also spent one day at George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon. We also went to the Lincoln Memorial, the F.D.R. Memorial and the Korean War Memorial.

Every picture brings back a memory.