after all these years.

Time for wedding cake!

The happiest day of my life was August 6th, 2011 when Deb and I got married. There is really nothing more to say. I am looking forward to the next 25 years with her.

Bre and Mitchel

are married.

Bre and Mitchel

Bre and Mitchel were married on April 16th with family and friends joining in the celebration. Here is wishing them a long and happy future together.


through the years.

Look at my pretty tree!

Deb and I have taken hundreds of Christmas pictures over the years. These are some of what I think are the best of them.

Birthday Pictures

We are all getting Better.


I have birthday pictures we have taken over the past several years. We start with Elizabeth at 9. Now, 'Liza' is now 16. Deb has turned 50. I passed the big 50 last year. There are a few pictures of Scott and Leigh Ann (for some reason, they seem harder to get). We surprised the heck out of Mom for her 65th with a trip to a basketball game in Bloomington then outdid ourselves (I think) for her 70th.

Done. 'Til the next 'big event'.

Family Photos

In all our glory.

Family photo op

I have several family pictures we have taken over the past few years. Mom, Rod, Deb, LeighAnn, Scott, Elizabeth, Bre and now Mitchel are all here.

For better or worse, this is our family in all our glory.